Thursday, May 10, 2007

I'm it!
I've been tagged in two places from my favorite South Carolina bald man and my favorite South Carolina mom of a toddler! One of the marginal advantages of being an internet schizophrenic, I suppose. I was tagged here and at the other blog which is about the unnamed hobby.

I once considered doing a 100 Things list about myself, but I abandoned the idea because I didn't think I could come up with 100 things that would be remotely interesting. Seven is more reasonable, but, that said, it's taken me most of the morning to come up with even that paltry amount. Why is it easier just to write and narrate than it is to generate a list, I wonder?

Any-who - here's my offering to the meme machine:

  1. I am a burger-holic. If I didn't have a drop of discipline, I would eat hamburgers everyday. In fact, I almost do. I know where the best burgers can be had in town and can be found there frequently, indulging in a burger with mustard, pickles and ketchup only, please. Lettuce and onion are optional and NEVER put a nasty tomato on it. My favorite burger joints are the drive-ins - one in particular that's been in existence in my town since before I moved here 33 years ago. They still wrap the burgers and fries in paper and put 'em in a brown paper bag.

  2. I am slightly dyslexic. I didn't find this out until I was in my thirties and it went a long way toward explaining a lot of my difficulty with school. Especially math and reading comprehension. My form of dyslexia is called Scotopic Sensitivity Syndrome. Fortunately, I was raised in a family of avid readers and love to read - but I'm very slow and have a hard time retaining what I've read for very long. Math - well, it's ironic that my current hobby I'm so passionate about depends on math to a large part for success. But, I do love a good challenge!
  3. I once was an avid fan of baseball. So much so that I learned to score the games and followed the season religiously. The box scores were my morning read. My favorite player was Carlton Fisk, hence I was a White Sox fan. I lost interest after a) Pudge was retired before the end of the '93 season and b) the '94 strike. The Sox were on a roll and headed for the series that year, if memory serves. The strike nixed that dream and soured me on the game. Haven't been able to rekindle the interest ever since.
  4. I ran away from pre-school. I decided one day I'd had enough and so hid behind a chalk-board in the hallway when the class went on a water-fountain break. I remember that part, but what I did after that is a blank but has been retold as part of family legend for years. As the story goes I, at the tender age of 4, walked the two miles to an empty home and was found in tears in the middle of the kitchen floor with an empty cookie jar in front of me. That served to stem the tide of my adventurous spirit until well into adulthood.
  5. Which brings me to the next three items, the first of which is - I have climbed a mountain. This one as a matter of fact. Maccu Piccu is perhaps the most awesome place on earth. Mere words and pictures cannot describe the experience that it is. The day we climbed the mountain we weren't intending to and I almost didn't. Fortunately, I mustered my courage and made the trek. Two hours up and three hours down - chewing coca leaves to abate altitude sickness. One day I will post about my Peru trip.
  6. The next adventurous endeavor was a 26 mile bike trip on trail through the Iowa corn fields. I was told that day we were going for a bike ride. I wasn't told how long it was going to be. It was during the visit I wrote about here. Many of the old rail-lines in Iowa have been converted to bike trails. Fortunately, there were no hills. I was amazed at myself for doing it. I rode at home, but not seriously - maybe a mile a week. I also found out a little known fact about biking and the male libido which would maybe make me think twice about getting involved with another biker.
  7. And finally, since Dec. of 2004, I've taken 8 plane trips and 4 road trips which have taken me to seven states. The remarkable thing about this fact is that it's all due to the internet and friends I have made by way of blogging. I ventured out of my comfort zone and have not looked back!
OK, that's my seven little known facts. Now I tag the following good folk:

  1. Gracie
  2. Fred
  3. Matty
  4. Jason
  5. Dave - aka F-Train
  6. Jeremiah - he of the oversized head
  7. Lady Luck - we all want to get to know this special lady!

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